Chairman’s Address

We, as Chartered Accountants, take immense pride and honour in the successful completion of74 years of glorious, efficacious and enviable operations. Our institute which started in a humble way,has indeed come a long way. It is our duty to remember the vision as well as the hard work put in byour Past Presidents, ICAI Council, office bearers at Regional Councils, Branches, Overseas Chapters,Liaison offices, employees and fellow Chartered Accountant members. The CA Day brings a goldenopportunity to consider and plan better for the future so that our profession can continue to be apartner in the growth of business and the economy. As we are aware automation, robotics, artificialintelligence, etc – these fast-changing technology no doubt brings in efficient, accounting and auditingprocess. To maintain our competitive edge, it is imperative for every Chartered Accountant to be insync with the above-emerging technologies.

I am very thankful to each one of you for making the CA Family Fest held on 30th June 2023 at Uday
Palace Convention Centre a grand success. We were indeed very lucky to be addressed by the eminent
parliamentarian Dr Amar Patnaik. The importance of placing people and the planet over profits was
well stressed by him. His observation is that foreign investors are not looking at the financial statement
of entities before investing but they look at how best an entity has put people and the planet over profit
and what carbon credit they have generated which will ensure sustainability of this planet.

We could successfully celebrate Yoga Day in a befitting manner, and I would like to profusely thank
Sivananda Yoga Centre and its trainers for making Yoga Day a grand success.

The ICAI, New Delhi has drawn a yearlong weekly programme to celebrate the 75th Foundation year
of ICAI in a grand manner. Our branch would draw up programmes in future as per this guideline and
I assure you that an exciting action-filled period is ahead for our branch. Another important
development is the introduction of the new curriculum and training method for CA students with effect
from 1st July 2023. Our branch will highlight these significant changes by organising sessions on these
changes. As the saying goes “Professionalism is not the job you do, it is how you do the job.
Professionalism involves consistently achieving high standards both visibly and behind the scenes” –
whatever your role or profession. It is this professionalism displayed by each and every member that
has enabled ICAI to achieve what it has achieved so far and gives the self-confidence to move forward.